• Annemiek

Building up!

Our live is really changed from the way we lived in Holland. Each day we are building on our own dream here. The view is stonnishing and live is simpy great out here.

We are doing a lot of work; painting, building, cleaning, redecorate, chop wood (a lot..!), making fire so the house and the building stays warm and so on and on.

But also there is time... Time to speak to neighbours, time to enjoy the nature, time to eat together, time to work together, and time to learn Swedish words and sentences.

It is a lot of new impressions. Each day we do different things.

Last week it was cold, really cold; minus 13 degrees!! It looks nice outsite, but you have to get used to this temperature. It takes a lot of energy and work was not possible to proseed.

That is why we where very glad to get big help from a friend of ours. We did a lot of work together. We where a great team and the work was done with a high speed. We where very happy with that.

We are focussing on the restaurant, the B&B rooms and appartment now. we are really curious what our guests will find of it later on.

It makes us happy to see a dream get into reality. We live in the middle of it and it is great!

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