• Annemiek

Hej hej!

We are getting used to the life in Sweden. It is nice, peaceful, quit, beautiful and very good.

We love having so much nature and space around us. When we came to Sweden the snow has come and it is still there. We think it is a test if we are sweden lovers enough... but we are! It is very light with the snow, but also cold. We are curious when spring is coming.

But the heating is functioning and we are fine.

In the main hall we have done a lot. But the last two weeks it was to cold, painting was not possible and when I was cleaning the sponge was frozen, so it was not good to go on.

We did a lot of paperwork, PR-actions and other kind of things.

The 2/3 persons B&B rooms are almost finished. In the big B&B appartment we are getting further, but there we have to do some work when the weather is above zero.

For the first time our familiy arrived, to see the whole place by themselves. It is nice to show our new life and the work we have done. And it is great to see each other again. We hope we can continue our renovation this week. The weather should be better so we will see.

"Hej do " and till the next time.

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