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Spring should be coming...

Hej hej, They said spring should be coming... mmmm...

Okey, it is not - 13 degrees anymore. But it is not spring like now.

The snow is slowly melting and it becomes above zero degrees, but it takes a long time before it gets spring, even the Swedish people say so.

We have 1 crocus flower in our garden, yeahh!! So it will come eventually.

We are working and renovating. We have fixed a lot of things.

It is great to build things up and to work out all the ideas we had.

Most of the time now, we are working on the new appartment.

I am painting the kitchen now and Rik is working on the bathroom, wich is a lot of work. But it is gonna be a super nice appartment when it is finished. We like it a lot.

When you come with a family, this will be a great way to stay with us.

We are also trying to get a Swedish number. For us it is not difficult, but in Sweden it's a great deal to get this. We have started bofore Christmas, and it it still a difficult thing..

we have to be patient with this.

In Sweden you have to learn to be patient with a lot of things, we noticed. It is good

to slow down, but sometimes it is difficult to sit and wait, when you want to go on

and try to do those things as quick as possible.

Anyway we love to be here and we learn a lot every day again.

The cranes are flying around, really great to see. And a lot of small and big birds are flying. We love to watch them.

Days are going quick here anyway. You start a project, do a lot of work, see some birds,

eat and.. another day has passed. But we are doing well here and we are getting closer and closer to the start of our first season here, we like it!

On our Facebook site I will place some more pictures.

Best regards and till soon.

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