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Abrahamshult 5

36298  Älmeboda


Tel:                   +46 477 10909


Coördinates:  56,479196 - 15,232551


There are 3 route descriptions to Abrahamshult:

Many GPS systems send you from the south via Räntemåla Gård.

Do not take the road till Räntamåla Gård,  this road is closed!

1.  Follow road 122  Karlskrona / Växjö to the small town Yxnanäs (south of Rävemåla) and turn to Flisehult. Short for Flisehult you will pass Abrahams Camp (8 km)

2.  (Little small road)

Follow road 120 from Tingsryd to Rävemåla and turn off at Dångebo towards Kållebo. Follow roadsign to Flisehult . In Flisehult continue to Abrahamshult.


3. (slightly larger wider road)
Follow road 120 from Tingsryd towards Rävemåla. 

7.5 km after Dångebo turn right at the sign Kållebo / "Cesars Trädgård". Follow the asphalt road to Kållebo. Here you go

1x right and 1x left at the end. Now you drive in the direction of Flisehult. Continue straight through Flisehult and you will come to Abrahams Camp.

If necessary you can call us at +46 47710909

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